First Release !

Hi everyone, we know its been a while since we started this project and we finally arrived to a point where we think we made enough progress to release the first version of it.

The map is still far from done as there are many areas we plan to build and quests mechanics.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did building it.

3 thoughts on “First Release !”

  1. haven’t gotten to play the maps or resource pack yet, the screenshots look amazing! What are your end plans?… just re-creating the world as far as maps go, or some sort of gameplay mod? I’m amped up imagining spells and Diablo loot from killing mobs… maybe even boss fights. Keep up the good work! This is awesome.

  2. Hi there! Just wanted to say thanks for making these available for download. I would like to address one issue however: Back when I first checked out this map on your server I noted the maggot lair was labeled ‘faggot lair’. Has this been changed? Because I realized this after I linked my friends to this page. It would be rather unfortunate if a project of this scale and artistic impressiveness were marred by such hateful language.

    Aside from that this is a really terrific project.

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