Hello world, it’s been a while!

So after over a year of not working on this project we’re finally getting back into it and we’re determined to finish the project and push updates on a regular basis! Hurrah 🙂

Without further ado, here’s what we’ve been working on for the past week or so.

A new shiny starred background for arcane sanctuary. We summoned particles near the players that will simulate the starry background from this area. (click to see a higher res version)



A new look for the forests of act3

Before :

After :


A new look for the blood pools in durance of hate2018-01-05_19.49.02


New area! Shenk 🙂


Arreat plateau is still being built but we have this 🙂


Stay tuned for updates on Arreat Plateau and Crystalline Passage! Peace


10 thoughts on “Hello world, it’s been a while!”

    1. It’s not a mod, but yes the download of the map will be up soon. I’m only waiting on mediafire to stop being blind, the rep I spoke to doesn’t understand that even though she can DL the file nobody else can.

  1. Is there somewhere I could download the world file for this?
    I saw that there was a takedown request on another site but this is your work so it should be allowed.

    1. Yeah the link will be up eventually, I’ve talked to a mediafire rep but she doesn’t seem to understand that many people have the same issue downloading the file and she keeps telling me that it works for her and to clear my cache. It’s really annoying. Anyway lol. If they don’t fix it I’ll re-upload entirely.

  2. holy cow, you guys are still active? I used to play on LAZServer back when it was pretty active. I had no clue y’all were still doing minecraft stuff! Map looks awesome so far, I hope it gets finished! Hit me up on discord if you’re interested: tdc8898@8289!

    1. Haha what’s up dude, we used to play together on LAZ Server / Skype. For a bit of context my old username is krech44. I’m glad those guys are still actively working on that diablo project, it’s really freakin cool.

  3. I really like this idea! I was playing some D2 and thought this would be a great server to start. I know a little bit about programming quest and monsters. It would be a little learning curve but I’d enjoy it. Contact me if your interested in some help. I’d like to see this project get completed.

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