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  1. Hello, I hope Laz finds this message. I didn’t see any contact info on the affix calculator or elsewhere on this site. If anyone knows a better way to contact them, please let me know.

    I’d like to bring to your attention some weird behavior I noticed on your website (https://tools.harrogath.com/affixcalc.html)
    While comparing the minimum ilvl of magic items with a single affix, I saw that the minimum ilvl under “Overview” changed incorrectly when different bases were used.

    For example, a magic Cap of the Sun correctly shows a min ilvl of 17 (since the alvl for the “of the Sun” suffix is 17) but if a Skull Cap is used instead, the min ilvl inexplicably rises to 19. This trend continues increasing for other normal helms, and then suddenly shows a min ilvl of 1 for War Hat and other exceptional/elite helms with “of the Sun” when the min ilvl for all of these items should either be 17 or the min ilvl for that particular base, whichever is greater.

    1. What the calc says is correct, some items have a qlvl which makes it possible to roll 300ed fools eth rep 2os berserker axes at ilvl 1 for example.

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